Children’s Books

Dreams of Flight July 2017 
Illustrated by Zinia King
A girl dreams vividly about what it would be like to fly. If she imagines hard enough, her dreams might even come true.  (Self-published)
Can be purchased here.

Floral Fauna Friends April 2017 
Written by Zinia King
A little book showing native animals from across Australia paired with the floral emblems from each of the states.  (Self-published)
Can be purchased here.


Mollie’s Magic Rainbow Cake April 2017  
Written by Robyn Walter
On a rainy day, Mollie decides to bake a rainbow cake.  (Self-published)
Can be purchased here.


This is What We See November 2016
Written by Zinia King
An Australian 12 Days of Christmas. (Self-published)
Can be purchased here.


Inspector Bailey and the Car Thieves October 2016
Written by Maxine Miller
It is early Sunday morning.
What could possibly disturb the peace in the sleepy country town of Plod?
Why is there a strange red sports car parked under a street lamp?
Who put it there and why does it have scratches all over it?
Join Inspector Bailey and his faithful team of police dogs – Lucy, Duke, Cougar and Disco Dog – as they dig up clues, sniff out crime, rock the town… and show that crime doesn’t pay!
Can be purchased here. (Published by Maxine Miller Productions)



Fred Field Mouse September 2016
Written by Paul Kitts
Fred Field Mouse has a stammer, brought on by the death of his father. He struggles to keep up with the banter from his siblings, however, he is just beginning to look beyond the boundaries of his home. Despite his mum giving him warnings and advice to not venture too far, Fred ignores his mum’s words and goes forth.
Can be purchased here. (Published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers)



Mollie Makes Up Her Mind July 2016
Written by Robyn Walter
A little book about colours and decisions.
Can be purchased here.



Mollie the Mud Fairy January 2016
Written by Robyn Walter
A little book about a strong willed little girl who believes she is a fairy and loves getting dirty. (Self-published)
Can be purchased here.



Wish Feathers November 2015
Written by Rene Strohmayer
A lovely story about a little girl and her mother who discover magic in the Australian landscape through ‘wishing’ with special feathers. (Unpublished)

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