Australian Animals in Victorian Costume

This set of Australian Animals wearing Victorian style costume is a comment on the barbaric destruction of both home and livelihood of Australian Animals which occurred in colonisation. The series depicts the Animals wearing the Victorian style of dress which would have been worn by those first settlers and shows them proudly looking at the onlooker as if to say “you haven’t won yet”.

Exhibited at the Hahndorf Academy in February and March 2016. Currently exhibiting (November/December 2016) at Cold Krush as part of an effort to raise money for Minton Farm Animal Rescue.

Nelly the Nimble Numbat Kenneth the Kind Koala Roger the 'Roo'markable Roo Emily the Eccentric Emu Emmett the Electric Eagle Fredrick the Flamboyant Forest Dragon Wally the Wonderful Wombat Samuel the Sandy Seal